Royce is a certified Voice/ Data Network Architect Engineer & Project Manager with 25+ years of experience in a facets of the telecommunications industry.

Royce’s certifications span the communications industry with multiple credentials from Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Juniper, Microsoft and more.  He is currently seeking his Cisco CCIE-Voice credential.

Royce is a very thoughtful, conscientious, and disciplined person who is particularly careful, thorough, and accurate in his work. He consistently strives to produce results that meet the established standards, and he works best where there are clear standards, expectations, reporting relationships and measurements for his work. He will depend upon professional training, his own experience, or management leadership, to provide those standards and the structure that he needs for his work.

Royce is a team-oriented, cooperative person, particularly careful, thorough, and accurate in working with details. Modest and unassuming, he will express his ideas and opinions cautiously and generally in a low-key manner. However, he sets high and specific expectations for his own and others’ performance, and will be consistent and supportive in upholding those standards.

Stable and dependable, Royce will work within established processes and methods. If necessary, he has sufficient patience to do work of a repetitive nature and to consistently maintain his interest in and focus on such work. He believes in having, and following, well-defined processes and procedures.Therefore, if he is responsible for establishing the processes, he will do so with considerable care, planning, and input from others, and will expect that they are followed closely and precisely.

He does things the established or conventional way, and will make changes only when convinced, with hard evidence, that the new way will be better. In rolling out new changes, he will be very tactical, thinking through exactly how it should be done, creating a complete plan, thinking of how it will affect others, and having solutions to possible pitfalls. In making decisions, he will be equally thorough, consulting both other experts and “the book.”


VoIP, Architect, Cisco, Avaya, Voice Transport, Data, ATM, FDDI, HDLC, VoATM, ViDoIP, 800G, Frame-Relay, 5ess, Nortel DMS, Cisco Routers, Gateways, Servers, Call-Managers, Avaya Voice and VoIP Platforms, Project Management, Tier IV Escalated Troubles, Complex Translations, QOS, Network Regions, Voice Tuning and more.

Current Certifications

Cisco: CCVP (CCNP-Voice), CCDP, CCNP

Avaya: ACA, ACS, ACE

Juniper: JNCIS

Microsoft: MCSE

PMI: Project Manager Professional (PMP)

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