Cisco CME Complete
Simple, Affordable All-In-One Communications.
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express provides call processing for Cisco Unified IP phones for small-office or branch-office environments. It enables the large portfolio of Cisco integrated services routers to deliver unified communications features that are commonly used by business users to meet the voice and video communications requirements of the small or medium-sized office. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express allows the deployment of a cost-effective, highly reliable communications system using a single device with Cisco IOS Software.
General Information
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express provides the following benefits:

  • A cost-effective, converged data and voice solution inside Cisco Integrated Services Routers
  • Key system and small PBX features plus innovative convergence applications for up to 450 users
  • Increased user productivity with Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Office, a presence-based Windows application that gives users call control, location, and status of other users
  • Single number reach function, which can forward incoming business calls to mobile or home phones based on user-specified call handling rules
  • An intuitive GUI for easy installation; adds, moves, and changes
  • Internetworking with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Industry-leading investment protection for future growth

Now you can scale IP telephony functionality to a small site or branch office with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, a solution in a single appliance that is low-cost, reliable, full-featured, and simple to deploy, administer, and maintain.

Cisco Live 2009 – Unified Communications Enterprise Branch Demo Booth (Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express)


CME/SRST 8.1 Preview
ISR UC Bundles Presentation
Why Unified Communications? (PPT – 6 MB)
Cisco Unified Communications Portfolio for Small Business (PPT – 3 MB)
Cisco Unified Communications Selling and Positioning Guide (PDF – 950 KB)
UC Voice Platform Comparison Matrix (PDF – 210 KB)
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express BDM Presentation (PPT – 18 MB)
IP Communications Express for the Small or Branch Office Presentation (PDF – 9 MB)

First Look Presentations and Labs
First Look Presentations
First Look Labs
Datasheet, Release Notes, White Papers, Q&A
· Cisco Integrated Service Router Unified Communications Bundles (PDF – 500 KB)
· Cisco Unified CallManager Express 4.0
· Cisco Unified Communications Express Quick Configuration Tool
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 8.5
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 8.1
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 8.0
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.1
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.0
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 4.3
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 4.1 Cisco Unified Communications System Product Comparison

Technical White Papers

· Cisco CallManager Express 4.0 Q&A
· Cisco IP Communications Express Quick Configuration Tool
· Cisco IP Communications Express Quote Builder
· Cisco Unified Communications
· Cisco Unified Communications for the Telecom and Voice Expert
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express FAQ
· Unified Communications Manager Express 7.x and Later FAQ
Design Guides
CME SRND Guide – CME Service Reference Network Design (SRND) guide provides design considerations and guidelines for deploying Cisco Unified CallManager Express (Cisco Unified CME) in the context of standalone or distributed call control environments.
· Cisco Unified CallManager Express Solution Reference Network Design Guide
· Cisco CallManager Express 3.0 Design Guide (PDF – 670 KB)
· Cisco Business Communications Solution Verified Designs 
· Cisco Business Communications Solution Verified Designs (Test Results Ver. 4)
· Virtual Route Forwarding Design Guide
· Virtual Route Forwarding Design Guide Secure Softphone Connectivity
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express System Administrator Guide 
· Cisco Unified CME B-ACD and Tcl Call-Handling Applications
· Integrating Cisco Unity Express with Cisco CallManager Express 3.0 and Later 
· Integrating Cisco Unity with Cisco CME-as-SRST (PDF – 140 KB)
· Integrating Cisco Unity Connect with Cisco Unified CME in SRST Fallback Mode (PDF – 860 KB)
· Supplementary Services Features for FXS Ports on Cisco IOS Voice Gateways Configuration Guide
· Cisco IOS Telephony Services Version 2.01
· Cisco Unified Communications Trusted Firewall Control
· Cisco Unified Communication Trusted Firewall Control-Version II
· Cisco Unified Communications Trusted Firewall Control – Version III
· New Feature Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Release 8.5

External Configuration Guides

Trainings & Tech Notes


Configuring Hardware Conferencing – This CME Tutorial VoD goes through the procedure to set up a CME system to use hardware conferencing capabilities. This VOD includes instructions on how to set up and use both an ad-hoc and meet-me conference.
CME 7921 Push-To-Talk – This CME Tutorial VoD goes through the procedure to enable Push-to-Talk capabilities on a CME system using a 7921 IP Phone.
Implementing IP Phones – This SBCS lab guides you through setting up the SBCS/Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express ephones.
How to configure line monitor using IOS CLI – This SBCS Tutorial VoD goes through the steps of using IOS CLI to configure the line monitor feature on the UC520. Line monitor feature allows an attendant to see the status of an extension.
How to configure line label using IOS command line interface – This VoD goes through the steps of using IOS CLI to configure the line label feature on the UC520. Use line label feature to label a line to display a more meaningful string on the phone such as person’s name.
How to configure shared line using IOS command line interface – This SBCS Tutorial VoD goes through the steps of using IOS CLI to configure the shared line on the UC520. Use shared line feature to allow multiple phones to share the same extension number and ring when that extension is called.
Cisco Communications Manager Express as Survivable Remote Site Telephony (CME-as-SRST) Tutorial

Error Message Look up: 
Cisco IOS Release 12.4 Mainline System Messages Guide Vol. 1 & 2

Tech Notes:
· Reference Documents for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
· 7931 Configuration Issues
· Button Separators In CME and UC500
· CME Toll Fraud Prevention Measures
· Call Center Features for Communications Manager Express
· Call Transfer with Analog Phone on FXS Port
· Configuring Call Waiting for Communications Manager Express
· # Communications Manager Express Features 
· How to Configure Communications Manager Express to use SIP phones
· Cisco Voice Translation Rules
· Configuring Extension Mobility in CME
· Configuring Push to Talk
· Creating Custom Ring Tones for Communications Manager Express 
· Configuring Backlight Behavior on Cisco IP Phones
· Disabling PC Port and Settings button on an IP phone for Communications Manager Express
· Intersite Dialing
· Cisco Unified CallConnector for Communications Manager Express 
· Transfer Direct to Voicemail on a UC500 
· Using STCAPP to make a FXS port a SCCP phone 
· XML Services for Cisco IP Phones 
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express / UC500 Hardware Conferencing Tech Tips
· Single number reach with Nokia Cell Phones with SCCP software on CME 
· How to Create broadcast hunt groups in Communications Manager Express 
· Add Prefix to the Missed Call Number
· Call Forward from CallManager Express to an External Number Fails
· CallManager Express: Create a Customized Background Image for the 7970 IP Phone
· CallManager Express: To Fake_Display Appears for Called Party Name
· CallManager Troubleshooting Tool
· Change the IP Address of a Cisco Unity Express Module
· Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.x: “TFTP Not Authorized” Error Message
· Daylight Savings Time Impact on Cisco CallManager Express and Cisco Unity Express in Australia
· Failure to Set MWI on Phones Connected to the Remote CallManager Express
· How To Configure Time Synchronization for Cisco CallManager and Cisco Unity
· MWI Failure and High CPU Usage on Cisco Unity
· RSS Feeds for Hot Issues in Cisco TAC
· Toll-Fraud Prevention Feature in IOS Release 15.1(2)T
· Unified Communications Manager Express Toll Fraud Prevention
· Unified Communications Manager Express 7.x GUI Errors

Security Best Practices & SNMP MIB

CME Toll Fraud Prevention Technical White Paper
Cisco Unified Communications Express Security Best Practices– Additionally, it is higly recommended that VARs and SEs review the Communications Manager Express Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) Guide and implement the security best practices.


CallManager Express 3.4 SNMP MIB Support

Tools & Compatibility Information

Cisco Unified CME and Cisco IOS Software Version Compatibility Matrix
Cisco Unified
CME Localization Matrix

CME/IOS Compatibility Matrix – CME 7.1 is now available for early adopters with IOS 12.4(22)YB.  For more information, please review the “Cisco Unified CME and Cisco IOS Software Version Compatibility Matrix”
CME Feature Map – For a list of features available with each CME version, a system administrator can refer to the CME feature history map.
CME History Feature Matrix January 2009
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Command Reference

CME Quick Configuration Tool (QCT):
If you don’t like CLI to configure Callmanager Express, here’s a GUI tool which basically dumps a config file on CME based on your input.

Software Download

CME Forced Authorization Code files – this TCL script is not TAC supported.

CME Individual Files – use the CME individual files to add individual phone firmware and CME support files. CME Individual Files
CME TAR Files – Each TAR package will include a Readme file which provides the instructions for upgrading the CME – this includes all the commands such as tftp-server, load statements, etc.  The cme-basic TAR package will contain the most common phone loads (7940/60, 7941/61, 7906/11, 7921, 7936) and the CME GUI files, while the cme-full package will contain all phone loads, CME GUI files, Ringtones, and Background images, and BACD prompts. CME TAR Files

Solutions & Product team

For general CME product related questions, please contact the Cisco Product team.

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