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I was looking into this customer issue where they upgraded from Call manager 4.x to 7.x and almost all users on 7912 phone lost their speed dials.

I checked the phones and CCMUSER page and found that the dials where there but they are not able to access it.

Created a new Softkey template including “AbbrDial” at “off Hook” mode. Reset the phones and asked them to check.

Customer came back saying they cannot see “AbbrDial” Softkey. All settings in Call manager were fine but for some reason they were not able to see the Abbreviated Dial Softkey.

I checked the firmware for 7912 and it was CP7912080003SCCP070409A.

I decided to upgrade the firmware for 7912 to the latest one CP7912080004SCCP080108A. I loaded the new firmware, restarted TFTP, reset the phones and it all started working fine.

Later I came to know that it’s a kind of a bug that if you upgrade from CCM 4.x to 7.x then your 7912 phones will have issues in AbbrDial Softkey. If you come across this issue, upgrade the firmware and you will be good.

CME Paging

Posted: May 14, 2012 in CallManager Express (CME), Features

A paging number can be defined to relay audio pages to a group of designated phones. When a caller dials the paging number (ephone-dn), each idle IP phone that has been configured with the paging number automatically answers using its speakerphone mode. Displays on the phones that answer the page show the caller ID that has been set using the name command under the paging ephone-dn. When the caller finishes speaking the message and hangs up, the phones are returned to their idle states.


Ephone-dn 22  will be paging DN – the number you dial to broadcast – in this case dial “5001” and it will ring all ephones part of this paging group and they will go on speakerphone.

ephone-dn 22
name Paging Shipping
number 5001
paging ip port 2000

These are paging group members, so dialling 5001 will ring these four numbers:

ephone 4
mac-address 0030.94c3.1111
button 1:1 2:2
paging-dn 22 multicast

ephone 8
mac-address 0030.94c3.0bcf
button 1:2
paging-dn 22 multicast

ephone 12
mac-address 0030.94c3.8567
button 1:3
paging-dn 22 multicast

ephone 13
mac-address 0030.94c3.8724
button 1:4
paging-dn 22 multicast

You can also use groups for Paging:

ephone-dn 9
number 7001
name Sales
paging ip port 2000
ephone-dn 11
number 7002
name Accounts
paging ip port 2000
ephone-dn 17
number 7010
name Sales&Acccounts
paging ip port 2000
paging group 9,11