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1. AdminUtility

C:\Program Files\Cisco\Bin

Used to change service account passwords.

CCMService, CCMServiceRW, SQLSvc, CCMCDR,CCMUserf

2. CCMPwdchanger


Used to change the password for admin user accounts. Directory Manager,  CCMAdministrator, CCMSysUser, IPMASysUser

1. Create a file by the name hideuser.ldif (can be any name) in Notepad

2. Lets take the example of hiding ac user for Attendant Console. Put the following contents in the file and save it.

dn: cn=ac, ou=users,

3. Go to command line and run the following command.

ldapmodify -h <server name> -p 8404 -D “cn=Directory
Manager,” -w <DCDAdmin Password> -c -f hideuser.ldif