Voice Tools

Voice Troubleshooting Tools


TranslatorX allows you to quickly parse through Cisco CallManager trace files and search for Q.931, H.225, SCCP (Skinny), MGCP, or SIP messages.

Triple Combo:

This tool helps engineers understand Callmanager trace files and helps in understanding the call legs for troubleshooting.

Just drag and drop the SDL SDI trace files on Triple Combo program.

Cisco Voice Log Translator:

Cisco VLT is a troubleshooting tool that reads complex System Diagnostic Interface (SDI) trace-log message files from a Cisco Unified Communications Manager and translates them into a user-friendly, English-based format. You can sort, organize, analyze, and interpret messages and display raw or translated message text using offline message files on your system.

CME Quick Configuration Tool (QCT):

If you don’t like CLI to configure Callmanager Express, here’s a GUI tool which basically dumps a config file on CME based on your input.


Downloads of the QCT tool match the version of CME you are running. You can download the tool here.


Cisco Callmanager/Presence/CVP Real Time Monitoring Tool:

Built in basic monitoring & trace collection tool.

Cisco Unified Analysis Manager:

This tool is something new Cisco added as part of RTMT.

Basically it’s an advance version of Dialed Number Analyzer.


This is another tool to convert Callmanager trace files raw data to a readable call flow type.

Voice Codec Bandwidth Calculator:

Use the Voice Codec Bandwidth Calculator to determine the bandwidth used by different codecs with various voice protocols over different media.

Convert UNIX time:

As you know Callmanager trace files are in unix time format.

This is a handy tool when troubleshooting Callmanager.

Remote control an IP Phone:

Take Remote Control of Cisco IP Phones from anywhere in the world with network connectivity.

Works good for offshore support.

Simply associate the phone with a user, type in phone ip address, user name password to get control.

You can make calls; see what’s displayed on the LCD.

Soft Phone:

Don’t want to buy Cisco license for IP Communicator.

Try this less expensive Soft phone, works better than Cisco’s IP Communicator and good part is you can run multiple instance on the same machine, this feature is kind of a blessing of guys who are preparing for CCIE voice.

Documentation for Cisco CallManager and Cisco Unity systems:

CMReports is quick and easy way to create Cisco Callmanager and Unity documentation.

Simply export the database, upload it to cmreports.com and within minutes you will get your documentation in your Inbox.

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